Game Link: Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts

My reviews: 3.5/5

How the game was made was interesting like how you enter the mirror portal to go into the ghostly like scenes and you need to figure out puzzles from the real world and the ghost world. If you like games where you communicate with ghosts, this game is the game you would like to play. Also for levels for the game, there's casual and advanced and custom. I chose custom, I love custom levels, I think every Bigfish games should have it. This game was part of the daily deal, sadly, I missed it. The story makes you curious what happened to the character's mom though. Acting is little off though like the characters emotions and acting did not match in my opinion. She didn't show a frowning face, she was just talking in frustration but smiling? That's weird.... weird in a bad way.

Would I recommend?

I guess so, if you like spiritual, ghostly games. It wasn't that scary though, there was no pop-ups in the game trial. It's very ghostly though, so some maps could be too dark or too bright, there is no way for you to change the brightness setting in this game too, if you don't like that, then the game isn't right for you.

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