I watched this trailer at the movie theater way too many times that I thought I was getting sick of it, to the point I thought I was going to rip off the movie chair and throw it across the screen. Yes, that's how I know this movie so well from repetitive trailers even before the movie trailers. Movie was really cute though, I really liked Norman a lot. He reminds me of me. Everybody thinks I'm weird and plus I am abnormal when it comes to health. I get sick every second, it's weird. Not like flu sick, but something always happens to me, as if I'm prone to sickness. I'm either sick or cramps everywhere. I blame myself for not taking care of my body since I was young. Imagine me in 20 years, wow, I'll be 45 years old, I could probably be worse. Anyways this movie was very touching, it gave me teary eyes. My boyfriend and I watched this movie together. If you feel like you get picked on at school or by your family just because you're "weird" or "abnormal" then this movie could be for you. Maybe even serial killers who are lonely compulsive people should watch this too, I mean who knows they are probably killers because of people picked on them and got the serial killers into insecurity. Remember, usually the "quiet kids" develops some kind of insane personality. Oh and this movie was more of the realistic side, so I liked it, like there's homosexuality and other things you might be interested in if you watch it. 


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