Movie was seemingly cheesy... I don't like cheesy romance. The 23 year old guy from France looked like my cousin, Kichul oppa, it was so weird! Plus he looked like U-Know from DBSK by little. Anyways, so it's about this girl that falls for her husband and the guy she met at the Ceramic Museum? The ending was weird, I didn't really like the ending, then again she kind of had to give up 2 guys because she loved them both. Plus I think she didn't want to ruin her husband's friendship with the guy. The girl's name was Du-re, what a strange name, right? XP so there's like secret affairs between her and her husband's friend. I wouldn't really recommend this movie to anyone really... I didn't really enjoy it much as I thought I was going to. Why does Shin Mina always be in a movie where it's so cheesy? I don't get it?


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