<<<SPOILERS>>> The settings of the movie was greatly well done, but it's lacking something. It made me feel like I didn't want to watch the movie anymore during the movie because I was so confused. Even the ending was confusing. I made sure I focused every words they were saying. I am not planning to re-watch this movie because it was just slow and gloomy. I think the purpose of this movie was, you can't always have the girl of your dreams if you let the chance go. Maybe if he didn't study abroad, he would had been with her still. Maybe if he went to Albania with her, she would've married him instead. I guess this movie was portraying that "If you love someone, you should learn to let go of them to find their new happiness." I wouldn't really recommend this movie though. It's more like those past memories flashback. Cute and romantic, but the movie is so gloomy. Lots of tears and lots of frustration. The title was weird enough, I thought so. I guess it meant he finally get to see what he wanted to say and left with what he wanted? I don't know.. 


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