March 2, 2013 Saturday

I was editing my weebly blog because I just found out about tags!! Now I have ways to organize my blogs! I was beginning to worry about that.

I'm wearing my leopard bathrobe, nothing underneath except underwear. My poop is coming out well which is good heehee. I ate some fermented kimchee and cereal (soy milk and Fruit loops with marshmallow). I was looking at my Facebook to read comments, I don't understand why Felicia always have to go against what I'm trying to point out.. I guess not going against, more like she's very opposite? Makes me wonder her blood type LOL! I thought type B because she reminds me of Stephania Cheng a lot .___. Makes me wonder if Breanna Cunningham is blood type B then? I don't know... She's the dominant blood type, which is good!! But not always good, sometimes it needs to be balanced. I like Breanna's opinions more than Stephania's and Felicia's though lols. I don't think Breanna is type O for sure. She's very straightforward. She thought the post I made on Facebook thought it was about her when it wasn't, she was very direct. Type O can be direct, but not in that way. Type B and AB are alike though. They are both direct with their words, very straightforward. Type O says they are straightforward, but they just pretend to be.

Anyways!! I haven't post worldcosplay photos added to my tumblr lately because I got lazy? Or maybe it's because there hasn't been really good cosplay photos lately. I should try and post little bit though because people are relying on me, I mean 1,200 followers! That's more followers than my main Tumblr!

Okay, pee.. Come out =__= then I would be finished. It's taking— oh nevermind. Well that was little bit. When I pee little, my body usually tells me I'm not done pooping.

I just realized blood type vs. colors is by the inexperienced and experienced. Well that's interesting! Although type A remain as same colors forever, while type O likes different colors depends on their mood. Type B doesn't like single colors, they like lots of colors. Type AB usually likes simple yet sophisticated color! I don't know 100% about what AB do with colors, I should research more about this.

Okay my legs are cold and I can hear the frogs croaking all the way from the bathroom, say whaaaat?

Oh it's 3:00 AM exactly. I told my boyfriend I was going to sleep at 3:00 AM.. Should I sleep? What about cosplay photos? I should keep my word, right? I mean the more I want to expect my boyfriend to keep his words, I should do it too. Yeah I'll sleep U___U I'LL TRY TO SLEEP!!


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