March 8, 2013 Friday

Today, starting 11am, Yoonmyung unnie and I went to Barnes and Nobles to read magazines until 1pm. Then we head to Hmart store to buy tofu and rectangle-sized gyoza, then we went to eat Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant.

After eating the whole burrito bowl, we talked about many things. Then head to Costco to buy Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, blueberry naked juice, Jeans for Sukhyun oppa, and etc.

Since we had more time left until picking up Sukhyun oppa, I made an appointment at 4:20pm for Yoonmyung unnie for the Nail & Spa to get her first manicure. We got the purple one for her. Since I did it before, I just watched her. Then we went to Wholesale Sport store, then Office Depot to buy 2 pens (purple and green for $1.99 each) then ate froyo at Menchie's, I got raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate flavor, Yoonmyung unnie bought it for us because I bought the manicure for her. Total was $17, but I paid $4 tips. After Menchie's, we went to pick up my boyfriend.

After dinner, my boyfriend and I had sex, then my stomach started to hurt. It hurted like hell, felt like a diarrhea was stuck. So I drank the Gas Hwal Myung Soo.. Since it had its minty taste, didn't work fully though. I did pooped twice.. Every time I lie down on my bed, I felt like going back to poop, but when I'm sitting down on the toilet, poop doesn't come out :(


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